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Heartbeat hilarity


I’m borderline impatient as we chat with our midwife about a test for gestational diabetes and other health concerns until the moment where she asks me to sit on the little bed to take my blood pressure and listen to baby’s heartbeat.

She puts the goo on the doppler as I pull up my shirt and hike down my preggo pants, and we hear the heartbeat right away. It’s a loud thumping that almost sounds like his heart is punching the insides of my womb. We don’t listen for long because I start to giggle. Then laugh. Then laugh, snort, and cry simultaneously.

She sits and waits for my giggle-fest to pass. It doesn’t. I have all three of us laughing now (me, midwife, and my partner), and baby is enjoying his very own private bouncy ride. A couple of minutes pass and I calm down enough for her to say that she’ll just listen to the heartbeat with a stethoscope, because I know I won’t be able to hold back even the tiniest giggle, which will put me in the throes of chortling and guffawing all over again.

Our appointment was a good time today!


Author: Mel Lefebvre

I'm an editor, writer and photographer living in Lethbridge with my son, step-son, husband and two charismatic grey animals; Bin, the mean kitty, and Tita, the treat-crazy bunny. I like books, coffee and tattoos. I study the theory of equality at Athabasca University as a basis for discovering how time perception influences the rights of people in the future, and how that impacts the rights of our current generation. Oxford comma forever!

2 thoughts on “Heartbeat hilarity

  1. Thank goodness for these moments in life. I believe they are what keep us sane.

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